Welcome to PDC Machines

PDC Machines is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company that provides engineered solutions for the specialty gas and chemical processing industries worldwide. Our state-of-the-art products are the top choice of industrial gas and renewable energy companies. We work closely with our clients to design, fabricate, test and commission custom-made products from diaphragm compressors to alternative energy equipment such as fuel cell hydrogen compressors, batch reactors with metal vessels, magnetic stirrers, syringe pumps and more. Established in 1977, PDC Machines is a second generation family owned and operated business that is rooted in innovation, business discipline, fair pricing and a deep commitment to our employees, clients and the communities we serve.

PDC Machines mission statement

Your source for processing

For decades, we have helped companies around the globe seize new market opportunities with our industrial high pressure gas compressors and other equipment. We can provide you with the following equipment you need to help you gain and maintain a competitive advantage in your industry:

  • Diaphragm Compressors – PDC Machines’ diaphragm gas compressors are ideal for compressing all types of gases without incurring any leakage or contamination that results from traditional industrial gas compressors. We are experienced in handling industrial gases, rare, pyrophoric, toxic, synthetic, corrosive and gas mixtures. PDC Machines can provide a standard and custom-designed high pressure diaphragm compressor with a comprehensive assortment of options to meet any application. Discharge pressures range from 50 psi to 20,000 psi (3.4 bar to 1379 bar) and power consumption from 3 hp to 200 hp. (2 Kw to 150 kW) and flow rates based on compression ratio to over 3,000 Nm3/hr.
  • Stirred Metal – PDC Machines’ custom designs stirred batch reactors ranging from laboratories, pilot-plants to small scale production applications. Each batch reactor system includes the pressure vessel, supporting stand, mixing assembly, accessories and controls. Capacities range from 1 liter to 50 gallons (189 liters).
  • Syringe Pumps – Rugged, industrial heavy-duty simplex and duplex syringe pumps for batch reactions or continuous operation.  PDC Machines’ syringe pumps are ideal for handling all types of fluids where pulse-less and extremely accurate flow is required at constant output pressure.  Flow rates range from (0.004 mL/min to 4 mL/min) to (0.4 mL/min to 400 mL/min).
  • Magnetic Stirrers – PDC Machines’ magnetic stirrers are designed to suit most mixing requirements as laboratory magnetic stirrers, or larger pilot-plant and small scale production applications. Our magnetic mixers are ideal when working with toxic, hazardous or high purity materials to protect the health of the workers, the environment and the integrity of the product. We offer a wide selection of magnetic stirrers with torques ranging from 8 in Ibs to 2,000 in Ibs (0.9 to 226 Nm).

Customer Oriented Philosophy

PDC Machines owes much of its success to repeat business based on building long-term relationships and complete customer satisfaction. We value our clients and demonstrate this in the way we work with them. We have earned a reputation for delivering the highest quality product quickly at the lowest cost possible. This is accomplished through a unique combination of:

  • Multi-disciplined experienced engineering staff using the latest and customized computer software packages to increase our engineering efficiency.
  • Stringent quality control procedures to insure our products exceed our customer’s expectations. We deliver exceptional and high value products in terms of safety, reliability and quality in accordance to international standards. PDC Machines is ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • A modern manufacturing facility that is streamlined and efficient to keep manufacturing costs down. Several computerized, numerically controlled machining centers easily perform the most complicated machining operations. Computer-aided manufacturing optimizes tool selection, cutting paths, and loading/unloading of programs into the machining centers.
  • A dedicated local and global network of service centers for prompt after-market service support.

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